Sunday, June 27, 2010

♥Why sOsyalerang biSaya .?♥

I chose this title of my blog (see on the top) because I think it reflects my personality.. because even though I'm not actually grow in the province totally..but still I experience to live in the province although in a short period of time and my both ancestral are came from the province in San Roque Kitcharao Agusan del Norte.And I'm proud to be  BISAYA ♥♥♥



jhenny said...

nice naman..
meron na rin syang blog..
ipagpatuloy mo yan ..

FC said...

WOW! You're blog looks wonderful! Of course I remember you! Vince and I are actually thinking that you might become a good model someday.

Keep on blogging. Carry your dreams with you all the time. Do good in school, in due time, you will reach your goals. ^_^

I'm so happy you started your blogs already!


ronalyn said...

Thank's Ate Hannah because I'm so inspired when you speak in front and told you all that you've got opportunity to do blog. I really think so also do that so even if I'm really not too wise to make first blog I tried to make it even simple.

I'm sorry if my enlish is not very good..
But I'm try my best because i'm pure BISAYA ..

love lots po ..
God Bless..